Training up at Horn

Fun day out at horn. The weathers been really nice. Was smokey for a while with all the forest fires outside of the area but now its finally getting under control. This track is getting all fixed up even with lights for evening motos. cant wait.

Back from the brink and off to Cali with Alex

At the Washougal Nationals this year, I wasnt quite sure if I was going to be able to race. I had needed some bike parts…last minute they decided to show up…minus a radiator. Big thanks to Eric Mann for loaning me one off his brand new Honda. That meant a lot to me.

Practice at Washougal went well. First races back from injury wasnt what I was hoping for but avoided any further setbacks. Looking forward to this next week in California to train and ride with my buddy Alex Harvill.

So happy to be back after collarbone injury

Broke my collarbone in the beginning of May of this year. Under went a surgery to repair the shattered pieces. They bolted me back together with a plate and some metal staples….yes literally! After a short couple of days I was already back to work. Shortly after it was back in the gym working cardio and light weights. As of the end of June I took myself back to the local track. Today I’m practices at Washougal MX for the upcoming race this month.

Can wait for whats next. Staying positive!